Wasco is a Belgian design studio for objects and furniture, founded by Sylvie and Julie.

Wasco is fascinated by ‘PLAY’
Playing is a basic need, just like eating and sleeping.
Through straightforward design, refined formal language and use of materials, the story of 'playfulness' is told subtly.
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Wasco starts from a personal interest, question, or need.
Our clients are design manufacturers and distributors.

The name ‘wasco’ is derived from the letters of the words ‘S.A.W.’ and ‘Waarschoot’.

S.A.W. is an abbreviation of ‘Societe Anonyme de Waerschoot’, the name of a former textile factory in the village of Waarschoot, Lievegem, East-Flanders, Belgium (Europe).
Wasco’s playground and workroom is a former warehouse, a part of the industrial heritage site of S.A.W.
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The village of Waarschoot is the heimat of both wasco partners Sylvie & Julie.
Wasco is very proud of its local roots in a village with a flourishing textile production for more than 160 years (currently at bttextilia.com)
This local knowledge, anchoring and starting from a small-scale identity can have international appeal in a globalized world.

Wasco also refers to the dutch name for wax crayons. These playful and brightly colored crayons are often used by children. Drawing with this medium is very joyful and imaginative.
The childlike spontaneity and playfulness is part of wasco's design DNA.


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